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    Thifensulfuron methyl

    Common name:Tribenuron Methyl

    Trade name:Express; Express TM; Tribenuron Methyl


    Chemical name: Methyl 2-[[[[(4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5,triazin-2-yl)methylamino]carbonyl]amino]sulfonyl]benzoate

    Structural formula:

    CAS:106040-48-6(acid); 101200-48-0(estr)

    Molecular formula:C14Hl5N5O6S(acid); C15Hl7N5O6S(estr)

    Molecular weight:381.4; 395.4

    Properties: active compound is solid. Melting point is 141℃, vapor pressure is 0.036mPa(25℃). Solubility (mg/L): water 28(pH4), 50(pH5), 280(pH6), acetone 43.8, acetonitrile 54.2, carbon tetrachloride 3.12, hexane 0.028, acetic ether 17.5, methyl alcohol 3.39> Partition coefficient Kow0.36(pH7).

    Formula:75% dry suspension agent, 20% and 10% wettable powder.

    Quality standard: it is approximately white solid. It consists of active ingredient, wetting agent, silt, etc.

    Control objects:Broad-leaved weeds such as starwort, vetch, galeopsis bifida, wild radish, stellaria alsine, cardamine, flixweed, amaranthus retroflexus, field mustard, kochia scoparia, etc.

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